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Is It Worth Buying a Pre-Owned Rolls Royce?

As the UK's foremost provider of transport hire with a driver, including a wide range of vehicles such as coaches, minibuses, party buses, limos, and luxury chauffeur cars, Happy Travel often receives questions about the value of purchasing a pre-owned Rolls Royce. With our extensive fleet that includes Rolls Royce models, we have a wealth of experience to share on this topic.

The Prestige of a Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and superior craftsmanship. Owning a Rolls Royce, even a pre-owned one, is an experience like no other. Whether you're hiring one of our Rolls Royce models or considering purchasing one, the prestige associated with this brand is undeniable.

Value Retention

One of the significant benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolls Royce is its exceptional value retention. Unlike many other vehicles, a Rolls Royce tends to hold its value remarkably well. This is due to the brand's reputation for unparalleled quality and enduring appeal.


New cars typically face steep depreciation within the first few years. However, when you purchase a pre-owned Rolls Royce, the previous owner has already absorbed the initial depreciation. This means you get to enjoy the luxury and prestige of a Rolls Royce without the hefty depreciation hit.

Maintenance and Reliability

Another critical factor to consider is the maintenance and reliability of a pre-owned Rolls Royce. These vehicles are built to last and often come with extensive service histories. At Happy Travel, our own fleet of Rolls Royce models is meticulously maintained, ensuring they are in pristine condition for our clients.

Service History

When purchasing a pre-owned Rolls Royce, always check the service history. A well-documented service history is a good indicator of how well the car has been maintained. This is a key point we ensure for our own vehicles available for hire, giving you peace of mind when you choose us for your transport needs.

Luxury Experience

The luxury experience of a Rolls Royce is unparalleled. From the opulent interiors to the smooth, quiet ride, every journey feels like a special occasion. This is why our Rolls Royce hire options are so popular for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

  • Handcrafted interiors with the finest materials
  • Advanced technology and features
  • Unrivalled comfort and smoothness

Financial Aspects

While the initial cost of a pre-owned Rolls Royce may still be high compared to other vehicles, it's important to consider the long-term value. The combination of slow depreciation, exceptional build quality, and the prestige of owning a Rolls Royce make it a sound investment for many buyers.


Insurance costs for a Rolls Royce can be higher than average, but this is often offset by the vehicle's superior safety features and reliability. Ensure you shop around for the best insurance deals to get the most value for your money.


In conclusion, buying a pre-owned Rolls Royce can be a wise investment for those who value luxury, craftsmanship, and prestige. With careful consideration of factors like depreciation, maintenance, and overall value, you can enjoy the many benefits of owning one of these iconic vehicles. As always, if you prefer to experience the luxury of a Rolls Royce without the commitment of ownership, Happy Travel offers an extensive range of Rolls Royce models for hire, ensuring you travel in style and comfort.

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